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Every telescope we receive is physically and optically  inspected by our experts for proper collimation and flawless operation.

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July 27, 2004



The heart of every Coronado filter is an air spaced Fabry-Perot etalon. This is an

exceptionally precise and fragile optic. The two etalon plates are optically

contacted….no cement, wire, housing etc. holds them together. This is an essential

element of the design.

Over the past 6 years we have shipped thousands of these

instruments and experience in shipping procedures has been our teacher. We

contracted with a firm specializing in package design to develop the optimum way of

shipping such delicate instruments.

 Essentially we “suspend” the etalon to minimize

direct shock. It is our experience that the least amount of in-transit handling minimizes

the possibility of the etalon becoming decontacted during shipping and for this reason

we insist on second day air as the only viable option. For customers outside of the USA

we select the most expedient method of courier shipping.


Apart from decontacting, the instrument and optics are relatively sturdy. We’ve had

only two instances of optics being cracked or shattered in transit. Our decontacting rate

runs around 1% of overall shipments and investigation of shipping methods surrounding

a decontacted etalon invariably point to ground shipping. For this reason we insist that

all returns for warranty work or matching be by second day air and we also insist that

you return in original packaging.


 By this we mean the foam supports for the inside of

the box and the factory supplied shipping case. For the PST this means the original

foam dye cut housing for the PST. For the record, Styrofoam peanuts are useless for

cushioning shock.


Effective this date we ask that you make clear to customers that if they decline

second day air shipping and their etalon is decontacted in the ground shipping

process, this will not be covered by warranty.


Although the box may not show any outward sign of damage, urge your

customer to open upon receipt and examine the instrument for obvious signs

of physical damage.


 A decontacted etalon is not discernable by physical

evaluation, it is only apparent when you observe the Sun. Should you or your

customer, have any questions about performance, contact our customer service

department. They will advise you.




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