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One Main Title and all your music is included free of charge.


Regular 8MM & Super 8mm Film to DVD


First 100 feet               $39.99

Additional footage after 100 feet $0.18 per foot

Maximum footage per DVD 1600 feet

Movie film reels will be spliced together and returned on 400 ft reels.

Original empty reels will be returned with the order.


16mm Film to DVD


First 100 feet               $59.99

Additional footage after 100 feet $0.39 per foot

Maximum footage per DVD 3200 feet


35mm Slides to DVD


First 20 Slides to DVD            $39.99

Additional slides after 20  $.75 per slide

Maximum 500 slides per 2 hour DVD


Photos to DVD

First 20 prints to DVD            $39.99

Additional prints after 20  $.75 per slide

Maximum 500 prints per 2 hour DVD

No prints larger than 8x12

Tranferring to DVD

VHS/Video 8/Digital 8/DV-M to DVD Transfer:    $25.00 per DVD

Each videotape will be placed on a separate DVD.

Combining Videos onto a single DVD:

First Tape: $25.00

Each Addtl Tape: $10.00

NOTE: Each tape must be less than 1 hour in duration.

Transfer of Video Clips Files to DVD:

$35.00 per 2 hour DVD

Additional DVD copies are 50% off! Only $12.50

Maximum Time limit: 2 hours per DVD Unlimited number of clips up to 2 hours



For damages, broken or jammed tapes.

Repaired VHS tapes are transferred to DVD at the time of the repair.

Total cost of repair and transfer to DVD is $50.00

Why DVD?

DVD is the standard that has revolutionized the way we watch movies.

DVD does not deteriorate with time, no matter how many times you watch it. Using the same care applied to CDS, DVD's will last for hundreds of years. VHS on the other hand deteriorates with each use..

DVD video and audio are superior to VHS.

DVD video provides users with video that is twice as clear as VHS. DVD is capable of showing up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution while VHS is limited to 240.

The DVD's that we develop for you are compatible with almost all home consumer DVD players and computer DVD-Rom drives. HOWEVER, NOT ALL DVD PLAYERS ARE CAPABLE OF READING DVD-R DISCS. CCTS MAKES NO GUARANTEE OF COMPATIBILITY.

You should check to make sure your DVD player is one that is capable.

Additional Charges

Additional Titles                    $5.00

Format Change Charge            $10.00

Reel Reversed or Backwards   $10.00


At Fees You Can Afford

We can offer you better quality at prices far lower than our competitors. Why go somewhere else and pay more? Deal direct with the producer. Remember, all our work is done on premises with ABSOLUTELY NO MIDDLEMAN!

Call 631-475-1118


things you should know about your video transfer

Your order will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

We will edit out totally black and/or washed out portions of your film that is 3 seconds or more, at no additional charge. We do not edit out areas that have an image of any kind. This means that areas that are out of focus, very dark or very light, or double exposed will be left on for transfer.

If you wish your film reels or slides to have a certain order for us to follow, please number each reel of film and or slides with numbers only.

If you have super 8mm movies with sound, the sound will be at a slightly higher pitch than normal. This is due to the necessary transfer process to synchronize the film frames per second with the video signal.

To save money on format changes, keep regular 8, super 8, 16mm and still photos together, when putting more than one format onto the same video cassette.

The quality of your film, TV and VCR will determine the quality of the picture and sound that plays from the videotape. The signals that have been placed on the tape by our technicians are at their optimum. It has been done using professional quality equipment and workmanship.

When adding music to your video, please choose one type of music per tape. You may supply your own cassette, however, we will play all cassettes from beginning to end. We cannot take a song from the middle of a cassette.


Tips & Suggestions

Organize your materials to tell a story

Use titles to tell the story

Keep your master copy in a dry safe place.

Make DVD copies of your original master.










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